Sacred ritual, embodied yoga, energetic anatomy and deep inner listening fuse together in the transformative process of Chakra Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii.

  Sacred ritual, embodied yoga, energetic anatomy and deep inner listening fuse together in the transformative process of Chakra Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii.

How is our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii, different? Our yoga instructor training dives into the inner world – the psyche, the body, the emotions, the chakras – to contact your inner self.  We learn yoga practices from this space in order to embody the asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, kriyas, and meditation.  Yoga is a path to reconnect the divisions we have been conditioned to make.
We have enough asana. What our world could use more of is humans who are willing to brave the path of svadhyaya, self-inquiry.  We need humans that are willing to look at their shadows and accept them, willing to feel old pains and transform them, and willing to see their own light and share it.

Teacher Training Course

The weekend part-time 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training for Maui locals gives you the time to integrate the practices for each chakra into your daily life.  This option allows you to slowly blend your inner work with your daily grind (just kidding; beautiful life).  Do it!  Make your life even more beautiful and become part of a sweet community of like-minded souls.

Training Dates

Next Training Dates TBD. Please contact us at to inquire about the next 200 Hour Training.


$2600 Early Bird price by December 1

$2700 after December 1


Weekend training modules are held retreat style on private land in upcountry Maui, with sweeping views toward the north, west, and south coasts. The location is part family farm (complete with chickens and goats in enclosures!), part spacious indoor yoga studio and lots of land for exploring, resting and playing. Very sacred ancient Hawaiian stone sites nestle into the upper area of the land, where we will do ceremony.

Elements of Chakra Yoga: somatic movement, energy anatomy, and ceremony.

Somatic movement

In somatics, the field of bodywork and movement studies, soma means “the body as perceived from within”. Somatic practices are designed to explore your inner landscape and felt sense, learning to feel places of tightness, expansion, dullness, blockages, movement and perceive emotions like fear, anger, joy and relaxed awareness. You will learn tools to sense and regulate the nervous system to be able to enter relaxed awareness (parasympathetic mode) more and more often.  The Maui Chakra Yoga Teacher Training group environment will be a nourishing and supportive place for you to learn to sense and heal from the inside out.

Energy anatomy

Energy anatomy is the inner map of the body’s invisible energy centers and pathways.  In Chakra Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, you will learn this subtle map and how to navigate it within.  You will learn energy practices to integrate into your yoga practice and teaching that will tone the nervous system and tune the chakras, for resiliency and energetic alignment.  You will also learn how to open up to our infinite energy source and be able to direct healing energy both to yourself and your future yoga students through a Reiki training and certification as part of our Yoga teacher training.  The energy body is the foundation of our physical and emotional life. Understanding your energy anatomy creates alignment, harmony and balance as you navigate the peaks and valleys of your life experience.


If movement works with the conscious realm of existence and subtle anatomy with the subconscious, ceremony bridges the gap into the unconscious. Ceremony rounds out this holistic psychological approach into Chakra Yoga Teacher Training, as we work with all three important aspects of the psyche.

Ceremony has been practiced throughout time. It’s a space where actions taken in the physical world (dancing, chanting, creating mandalas and fire offerings) relate to and affect higher realms. In ceremony, you step out of ordinary time and into a liminal space of the symbolic, where deep healing can occur. As we engage physically, mentally through intention, and emotionally with our hearts, all levels of perception activate. We contact and make space for the soul to live fully in the body.

A Chakra Yoga Teacher is one who has personally embodied the practices and blossomed from inner transformation, becoming a beacon of light that radiates just by being. In this way, your ability to teach yoga will become the transmission of your own transformation, a gift to share with all your future students. A ripple of light to extend out into the world. Is this what you have been searching for? Apply today.

Eight 20-hour Modules:

Sacred Centers Module

Mind-Body Awareness: Embodiment and Felt Sense

Subtle Body Mapping

Yoga Nidra

Subconscious and Ceremony and Fundamentals of Ritual

Root Chakra Module

Body as Earth: Grounding Techniques

How Yoga tones the Endocrine and Nervous System

Yogic Practices for Root Chakra

Ganesh Ceremony

Sacral Chakra Module

Awakening Inner Child through Somatic Movement and Play Meditation

Shiva Shakti: Feminine Masculine Balancing

Yogic Practices for Sacral Chakra

Shakti Mantra for Lalita, the Yogini of Play

Shakti Ceremony

Solar Plexus Module

Svadhyaya: Self-Study and Shadow Work to strengthen Sense of Self

Igniting the Warrior Spirit

Yogic Practices for Solar Plexus

Fire Puja Ceremony

Heart Chakra Module

Giving and Receiving: Reiki Level 1 Training

Conscious Relationships and Sacred Sexuality

Bhakti, Mantra, and Nada Yoga as Heart Medicine

Yogic Practices for Heart Chakra

Lakshmi Ceremony

Throat Chakra Module

Feel and Express Your Inner Truth: Somatic Practices

Awakening your Authentic Teaching Voice

Yogic Practices for Throat Chakra

Matangi Ceremony

Ajna Module

Neuroscience of Meditation and Mindfulness

Inner Sight: Teaching from Intuition

Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana: Stages of Meditation

Yogic Practices for Ajna Chakra

Tara Ceremony

Crown Module

Kundalini Yoga for Crown Chakra

Yogic Practices for Crown Chakra

Khrisna and Radha Ceremony

About the Trainers: 

Rebecca Mayer | Lead Trainer

In 2016, after a decade of immersion in esoteric rituals from South America, India, Nepal, and Tibet, I enrolled in a Master’s program in Clinical Mental Health. After completing the required coursework, I dropped out, with the realization that practical grounded psychological theory absolutely had to meet the Eastern concepts of collectivism, embodied devotion, and earth-based ritual.

When I try something, I am always seeking the “sweet spot”. I want to know how something works, not so much why something works, which is an intellectual understanding. I want to feel the resonance behind a technique or practice, track its movement and its texture, and then I want to make it better, more accessible; the most alive it can be.

After leaving behind a childhood steeped in very traditional religious dogma and shame-based thinking, I was disconnected from my body. My soul didn’t feel safe to reside in my bones. Practicing lineage-based wisdom helped me stitch together a framework for life that held me until I was ready to let go of any specific path inward. After realizing that the jewel at the heart of all traditions is love and devotion (yes, even Buddhist ones, if you define love as deep open curiosity and wonder), I started going deep into personal somatic trauma work, where I found the deepest secret I can share yet: the jewel at the heart of my path (as a Western woman growing up without the support to access her power) is love and devotion directly for this heart, this body, this life, these precious connections I share with others (which are almost always direct reflections of my relationship with self).

Internalized trauma is tricky. There is no easy fix once you begin to traverse the shadowy pathways of the subconscious realm, and layers of trapped emotion that wind their way around the nervous system. Once they begin to untangle, the process keeps opening and ripening you, making you more and more free

The antidotes to getting lost in the shadows vary, but Chakra Yoga Teacher Training is the distillation of some key methods that I am excited to share with you.

Guest Faculty:

Michele Ford | Yoga of Sound, Mantra and Sanskrit Pronunciation

I am a student of life, the natural world and divine vibration. My teachers are Sharon Gannon and David Life of the Jivamukti yoga lineage and Anandra George of the Heart of Sound method for empowered living.

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of sound yoga, through Sanskrit, mantra and classical Indian vocal meditations, it was the attunement to the vibratory nature of my being that cracked me open on a deeply profound level. Chronic tension in my body dissolved, internal belief systems shattered and a new way of seeing myself and the world emerged. May I invite you into your own direct experience with the ancient science of sound to cultivate well being and deep level transformation.

Jade Rieves | Class Sequencing, Bhakti Yoga

I’ve always had a strong intuition and a curiosity to discover a deeper fulfillment in life. Born on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was introduced to yoga in 2006. I only felt at home on my mat when I moved to Maui, and I started teaching in 2014. Finding the path of yoga had a profoundly transformative effect on me in all areas of life. Practicing the ancient principles of yoga combined with the physical practice provides me with a way to channel my spiritual connection into sharing it with my community.

What I especially love about yoga is the connection to the heart and the group synergy that is created by practicing as a united community, joining each other in breath and body to inspire one another to be present and dive deep.

I offer a consciously woven array of Sanskrit chanting with harmonium, prāṇāyāma, intelligent sequencing, and longer holds of ancient yoga āsana. As I challenge you to breathe through any resistance and access the highest frequency of your heart space, I intend for you to find your connection to a unique teaching voice and the clarity to sequence yoga classes in an authentic and intuitive way.

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